Web Analytics Service

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If you are a marketing manager, probably you are leading the team of sales men, helping them in devising innovative marketing strategies and brainstorming dynamic advertising campaigns. In other words, you are expected to break down the complex challenges in to the simpler ones. This is an appropriate analogy to describe the term “web analytics”. It basically means understanding the science of your data.

  • How is this data helping your business?
  • How many customers are clicking on your advertisements?
  • Is your advertisement making sense to the prospective customers?
  • Are your competitors outselling you by offering better marketing stories?

When you will answer these questions, you will execute a right marketing strategy. The great news is that you can use both off site as well as on site tools.
We at PPC Companies India, can assist you in understanding better that what is going on behind your digital presence. Advantages of using our web analytics services-

  • The onsite tools use different methodologies for the right data collection.
  • We help in generating reports through page tagging and log-file.
  • Java script is the main page tagging language that we use while communicating with the third party servers.
  • We generate amazing visual appeals and comments on the web pages through the various social media so as to impart a complete new meaning to the data analysis.
  • All this data is then used to devise better marketing campaigns for your business.
  • We assist you in building a strong online presence. Facebook is the perfect example of data analytics.

The better web experience you can design, the more successful your marketing campaign will be. At PPC Companies India , we assist you in moving in the right direction!

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